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Hickory road biked 34.00mi in 2:10:00
1 hour ago
lchiappetta walked 1.80mi in 33:50
4 hours agoLaps
The walk after trying to job. Calf does not hurt but I have a race next week and need to heal.
lchiappetta ran 0.60mi in 06:21
4 hours agoLaps
217.2lbs-Went for a run after getting boys. After a bit, my left calf twinged so I stopped and walked. I will run on the spin bike for the next week!
loxx0050 road biked 2.42mi in 09:19 145/173 52
5 hours ago
Cool down ride Cool down ride
thetriranger stationary biked 7.70mi in 37:11
5 hours ago
Hills,mountains on new software
thetriranger stationary biked 17.10mi in 54:11
5 hours ago
loxx0050 road biked 10.02mi in 27:02 176/187 377
5 hours ago
TNT 2018 1st TNT of season
TBinMT ran 2.50mi in 22:00
5 hours ago
trier swam 1700.00m in 57:46 131/151 200
6 hours ago
Distance Dave road biked 4.20mi in 42:01 528
6 hours agoLock & AHS
with Brooke & Carrington

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